User Manual


Here are the Ithkuil letters:
' b c č ç cʼ čʼ cʰ čʰ d dh f g h j k kʼ kʰ l ļ m n ň p pʼ pʰ q qʼ qʰ r ř s š t ţ tʼ tʰ v w x xh y z ż ž
a á à â e é è ê ë i í ì î o ó ò ô ö u ú ù û ü

Admissible characters

Here is a list of the characters you can use to enter Ithkuil sentences:
b c č ç d f g h j k l ļ m n ň p q r ř s š t ţ v w x y z ż ž
a á à â e é è ê ë i í ì î o ó ò ô ö u ú ù û ü
Others: , (comma) ^ (circumflex) ' (quote) . (dot) : (colon) / (slash) \ (backslash) - (dash) _ (underscore) ~ (tilde)
Multiline is accepted

How to enter special characters

Character input
To write... use...
č c + ^
ç c + ,
ż z + .
čʰ c + ^ + h
c + '
â a + ^
ë e + :
á a + /
à a + \
Tone input
To write tone... begin word by...
falling \ or nothing
low _
high -
rising /
falling-rising ~
rising-falling ^


To write "iolmawóţ êļneilüükt", enter "iolmawo/t, e^l,neilu:u:kt"


Check those checkboxes to change the different fields of the translation.

Option Meaning Example
ASCII friendly Prints the word using only ASCII characters o\spa^tlo:k
Stress Displays the stress of the word Found ultimate stress
Tone Displays the tone of the word Found ultimate stress; falling tone
Clusters Groups the consonants and vowel together 6 clusters: io lm a w o ţ
Structure Displays the structure of the word, using the affix denomination Structure: Vr Cr Vc Ci Vi Ca
Type Determines the type of the word Type: verbal adjunct
Tags Displays a string of tags giving the categories. Parenthesis are used for categories with a default value. ADM-DYN-'lm'-P3S3-(FAC)-(OBL)-NRM/DEL/N/CSL/UNI-FML
Full description Prints a table with all pairs of (categories,values)
Rootbranched and/or leaved plant (ph)
'All options' button Displays all the possible fields -
'Tags only' button Only displays the tag string of the word -
'Reset' button Displays syllabs, stress, tags and full description -
'Corpus' button Translate a large preset of Ithkuil sentences - takes a while to process -